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January Slow Cooker Recipe: Caribou Stew

January Slow Cooker Recipe:  Caribou Stew

This is an adaptation of a traditional beef stew, with consideration given to the flavor of wild meat in the seasonings. For anyone out there who has access to wild venison, caribou or otherwise, this is a great stew recipe. We have it nearly every week in the winter time.

For the slow cooker recipe swap challenge, I chose to share one of my favorite comfort recipes--Caribou stew. We are blessed with the ability to enjoy this sweet, beautiful red meat, as my guys go to the North Slope to hunt caribou at least every other year. For us, it is a way of life, and really the only red meat that we eat. My DH is a very spiritual hunter, and I am so proud of how he is teaching our boys to treat the harvest with such gratitude and respect. When the hunters arrive home with the harvested caribou, I am honored to be part of processing the meat. Nothing is wasted, and we work day and night to handle the meat with care. We never use a processing service, as we feel strongly that it our responsiblity to care for the animals that have given their lives to put protein in our freezer. Yes, when my DH hunts, he takes the animals that "offer" themselves, and we treat them with respect and love, from field dressing to table. It is with this love and respect that I developed this recipe, one that our family enjoys nearly every week.

We are very blessed to be able to enjoy caribou, and are thankful for the bounty offered. For me, caribou stew is total comfort food!


    LOVE this card, Jaymee! How wonderful to have an authentic Alaskan recipe! Well, I don't know if it's from Alaska, but I like seeing "caribou" stew even though I couldn't find it around here - will do with substitute!
    I really like your use of the journaling mat - great idea - just bought those and will have to remember this piece of creativity. I also really like your embellishment cluster and the warm, rich colors you used - so nice for a cold, winter dinner! Great card. :)
    Beautiful card. Love the cluster of vegetables. Sounds delicious too.
    I love this card, it's beautiful! But I also love the background you have given us, both here and on the message board. It's wonderful to see how your traditions honor the earth.
    Jaymee this recipe sounds so yummy and I love your explanation of the recipe --- I'm looking forward to adding this card to my stash!
    Sounds yummy Jaymee!
    Well we certainly dont get caribou here :( but the recipe certainly sounds tasty but will have to see what the butcher has!!!!
    I just tried Bison for the first time, so maybe I'll try that in this recipe. I love everything in this recipe, so it will be a hit! I love the veggies in the corner, too. TFS!
    Beautiful card! I love the veggie clustering:)
    Beautifully documented recipe, and I love the story that goes with it. We don't eat much wild game,but occasionally get the opportunity. This will be a recipe to try when that opportunity is available.
    Love the cluster and the wonderful journaling. It sounds yummy. Has the caribou also got the wild taste that you get with venison? You describe it as sweet. How intersting.