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Saturday Color Challenge: 1/21/12

Saturday Color Challenge: 1/21/12

I know I've done baby hat donation page before, but I wanted to do one with the recent donation, plus I really wanted to redo that old page with my new template (thank you, anonymous benefactor~!)

The text says:

After my miscarriages, as a form of therapy, I began knitting and crocheting baby hats to donate. At the time I made this page, I had donated three different times to the Family Birthplace at St Joseph Hospital West in Lake St Louis, Missouri. The first time was on 8/10/10 (top photo, 40 hats). The second time was on 5/31/11 (28 hats, middle photo). The third time was on 12/22/11 (28 hats, bottom photo. The large photo was of the first time I donated hats.

a yummy apology (font)
LDesj_Crush_Swirls.jpg (background paper)

    This is so sweet, Heather. I love the colors you've chosen, and the arrangement is just lovely!
    Nice job, Heather. Love your hats...and your giving heart! Nice use of the colors form the challenge!
    What a great page, Heather! And I love that you give so much of yourself by making these darling baby hats! Nicely done.
    It's so wonderful that even when your heart is broken, you can still think of others. I love your layout and your template. Great colors.
    That beautiful purple background drew my attention, then I saw the photos. Wow - you have done some lovely work. Sweet and generous. (I love the Santa hat.)
    Lovely use of color Heather and I enjoyed reading about your project. Wonderful way to comfort yourself by helping others and your hats are beautiful.
    Wonderful page! I think it is a beautiful service that you do, donating your hats.
    This is a very nice layout to showcase your project photos. Just awesome!
    I really like how you redid this page! I love the smaller photos on the ribbon, too. Thanks for joining the challenge this week!
    You are an amazing woman... being able to work on something so close to your own hurt... I admire you for it :-) Your sheer productivity is impressive too! And what beautiful work you do... I know I am amongst at least one other crocheter in the comments here and I suspect there are multiple knitters who are admiring your work... Your layout is lovely and the template is really working for you! I like how you chose a paper that gives the feel of a knitted piece too, nice work! Overall a wonderfully touching page :-)