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Easy Swedish Meatballs


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Easy Swedish Meatballs

My husband & I have made this recipe for years. It freezes well. The "Italian" flavor does not clash with the mushroom soup. When our college sons return to school, they often grab one or two of the frozen bags of meatballs "to go." Easy as can be!

    We don't get ready made meatballs in SA. I love meatballs but hate making them. I think if I can do them in the slow cooker it would work. Thanks for the recipe. Great card. (Whwn I read all these great recipes, I realise we are pretty deprived in SA)Posted Image
    Love easy! This would feed a crowd too. :) Beautiful card!
    Fantastic! I love the part where you don't have to form the meatballs! This sounds so good, and the card is so pretty.
    This sounds great! Sometimes DS and I will bake big batches of meatballs with our venison--this would be a great way to prepare them! Adding this to my list!! Thanks for sharing!

    ...And your card is absolutely stunning! I love the patchwork!
    Beautiful card, Barbara! I love blues and yellow together and your embellishments make for such a pretty recipe card which, by the way, sounds delicious! I make Swedish Meatballs for Rich all the time - one of his favorites! Thanks for this easy pease recipe!
    Such a beautiful recipe card Barbara - I really love your background and embellishment cluster and the recipe is amazing! Who knew that Swedish meatballs could be so easy! :)
    Oh, Yum!! This sounds really good and your card is beautiful! This has become my favorite collection in a very short time!
    That's a pretty card, and the recipes sounds good,too.
    Such a pretty card with all the blue, green, and yellow colors. And a wonderful recipe. Don't know how I missed this in January. Will definitely try this, but will have to cut it down for two people.