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"POP!" Goes the Present

John loved his first birthday party. What little boy wouldn't? Cake, presents, attention, playing outside --- he had a blast! When he first saw his birthday cake, he tried to pick off the M&M’s, but fortunately we were able to stop him in time. His favorite present was a "popper", a toy that pops up beads in a clear plastic bubble as one pushes it along the ground. He didn't even put his popper down for pictures! He's holding it in two of the three photos on this page.


gift (re-colored) by Jen Reed (All I Want for Christmas Tree and Gift Embellishments); kit by Joni Gray (background paper and stitching modified); sparkler element (modified) by Rena; photo mask (modified) by CNord; Fonts: Teen Bold, Desyrel, Gorilla Heavy

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