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Taylor-Made Day at Taylor's Falls

Taylor-Made Day at Taylor's Falls

One glorious day in July, 2004, Anna, Ben, Marie and our family of five made a trip to Taylorís Falls. On the way there, we did an impromptu photo shoot by an old red caboose set amongst pine trees. We shot the ever-popular family picture along with many others. Some were quite silly --- surprise, surprise!

Once at the falls, I admired the scenery without getting too close to the edge, but I took photos of the others as they climbed around on the rocks. On the way home we spotted some sand sculptures, so we had another unplanned photo opportunity. What a perfect way to end the day --- for me, the photo nut, anyway!

January Scrap Girls Club kit: Reflections of the Heart Collection Biggie by Jen Reed: JIFF Plus 12x12 Layout (butterfly); Paper Super Mini (background); template by Lindsay Jane; CU rust action; Font: PreludeFLF Bold, Arial

    I love the way the two pages look together. Great template and marvelous photos! I like the natural look to your background and embellishments, too. Cute title. :)
    What a beautiful way to remember the day! Your layout and supplies complement the photos, naturally.