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Task 24 - Dance

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Journaling - Coffee cups remind me of the places I have been. They bring back memories of the people with whom I have shared a cup of coffee or a cup of tea - family, friends and new acquaintances . My cups have celebrated lifes’ many accomplishments, shared lifes’ hurts, brought comfort, and provided many quiet moments to reflect. I have many cups and just when I think I have enough a new adventure will bring another cup into my life. These three remind me of some of my favorite places in this world - the mountains, the forests and the water. Each reminds me that to dance throughout life is to be happy. These cups also remind me that sharing the dance with others is an irreplaceable luxury. So each time I take one out and fill it full, I try to remember to dance.

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What a wonderful layout - I love your journaling AND your photos of your cups --- I'll think of this layout when I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, this brought a smile to my face!

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Beautiful journaling -- and beautifully illustrated by your mugs. I especially liked seeing the branches in the background. Lovely background, too. I love this!

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Neat photos - I like them photographed outdoors. Lovely background blending and your journaling is wonderful.

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