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Jumpstart January: Task 19

Jumpstart January: Task 19

I struggled with this task. I even bought a new collection for it and still struggled. None of my templates seemed to jump out at me. I even googled for inspiration and nothing. I was nonchalantly looking through my digi files and came across the recent "365 Template" newsletter freebie and voila! I have corrupted it for my own purposes!

All scrapgirls products used on this one (except the font). Winter White collection.

jellyka delicious cake (font)

    I was going to say this doesn't look like Louisiana! So, this is the Missouri version? It's a gorgeous photo, and I love how you "corrupted" it. Very, very good idea!
    I love what you have done with the template, the winter white cluster AND your beautiful photo - wonderful layout!
    Interesting and creative way to use the template. Lovely! I especially like your font and the pretty cluster at the bottom of the page.
    love the font, the template adaptations, and the embellishment...nicely done!
    It feels like looking through a multi-paned window - a good idea. Super photo - fabulous sky.
    Like the window concept and what a beautiful sky and cluster.
    That photo works so wellwith your photo. It's lovely. Very pretty cluster.
    Love your photo - what great light and color in the sky. Creative use of the template - very nice - it was worth the struggle.
    love the color in the photo - I like the mosaic look here too.
    What a great photo! Could easily use an advertisement for Louisiana Tourist bureau. And a very clever way of incorporating the template!