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Task #24 Jade


Amy Sauke

Task #24 Jade

Journaling: When Grandpa Byron Witzke (Chris’ grandpa) passed away in 1999 this jade plant came home with us after the funeral. I wish I knew who it was from, but knowing it was to honor Grandpa Byron makes it special. Through the years it has grown despite my lack of a green thumb. Many times its future has looked grim but it would rally back to our surprise. We usually put it outside in the spring/summer and brought it inside in the fall, and in 2011 we only got it into the garage where it sat for quite a while, void of sunlight and the warmer temps of indoor living. When it finally was brought in, it became more and more obvious that half of it was dead. The difference between the two sides became more apparent each day, and finally one day whole branches started falling off. We were reassured that it would be fine. Sure enough, we started to see little green evidence of life coming from the “dead” side of the plant after awhile!


    This is an awesome page! Such a story in the journaling, it really drew me in. TFS!
    Jode another beautiful layout - I love your photos AND your fantastic journaling, I'm sure glad it survived!
    I love the story that goes with this page, its a great page to preserve a memory.
    I really like the layout, but I love your close-up shots of the plant itself.
    Wonderful photos -- I especially like the close-up where the focus is on the leaf and the background is slightly blurry. I love your journaling -- what a special plant that is! Great layout.
    Beautiful page, and I love your story of resurrection here. I'm rooting for your tenacious little jade plant!
    What an interesting page. The plant looks like what we call a money tree. your close ups of the green shoots are excellent. Great page.
    Like the story and the nice pics. The LO is very nice.
    I love your photos, journaling and small clusters. Pretty colors.
    Nice layout. I guess the lesson here is "don't give up on plants too quickly".