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Task 19 - Fennel

Task 19 - Fennel

Journaling Reads: "I actually donít care for Fennel. I donít know what to use Fennel on, other than salmon like you would use parsley on the side of the plate of a steak. But, I plant it every year in the herb garden. Why? Because it attracts lovely caterpillars that turn into beautiful Butterflies."

I used: Mossy (BMU); Noteworthy (SNU) and Feathered Friends (ABL).

Quote Reads: "And what's a butterfly? At best, He's but a caterpillar, at rest. ~John Grey"

    What a beautiful page! And I love your journaling, it's so personal and beautifully written. Your layout put a smile on my face this afternoon. Thanks for that! :)
    Beautiful layout, and I love your story. I, too don't enjoy fennel so much, but I might give it a try this spring in the herb garden to see who might show up!
    I love your photos, your journaling, and that wonderful green background. Great layout! I got a chuckle out of your description of fennel. :)
    Sounds like a good reason for planting fennel - that and the beautiful photos you took! Your layout is s0 pretty.
    I dont care for fennel either but your page is lovely! What a stunning butterfly too.
    The pizza sauce where I used to work had a little fennel in it and it was delicious. I really dont like fennel either but this was good sauce. I plant sage on my patio to keep mosquitos away. Nice LO.
    Put fennel in your roast chicken dishes and even a bit in fresh green salad. I am going to plant fennel this year. I love having butterflies in t he garden. I love your layout. Great photo and journaling.
    Very nicely done. Love your journaling.
    Fennel tea has a unique flavor (reminds me of licorice). I like fennel with chicken or fish dishes too. Fun LO & you got some great shots of the butterfly.
    Beautifully done. Nice framing. Very pretty journaling tag and quote.