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J J Task #24 Almost Antique


Hilary Locke

J J Task #24 Almost Antique

I set myself he challenge to improve my technique with the macro setting on my camera. After getting wet and muddy outside and coming up with notihing, I turned my attention to objects indoors. My best shots (and I still have a lot to learn about close-up phhotography) were of my favourite vase. I enjoyed the journalling part of this task because it led me to find out about the studio the vase came from and the potter who decorated it.
The LO is not the best - it really needs a photo of the whole vase as well as the detail I managed to capture, but I stayed true to the task and kept only the close up shot. TFL

Journaling Troika Pottery was set up in 1963 by 3 potters (hence Troika) in St Ives Cornwall. The owners, Leslie Illsely, Benny Sirota and Jan Thompson wanted pottery to be seen as art rather than functional. After a few years in St Ives the pottery moved to Newlyn, also in Cornwall. The vases, plates and dishes that Troika made became very popular and big London stores such as Heals began stocking them and they are still sought after today.

My vase was made in the late 1970s by Alison Brigdon (her initials are on the base) According to the official website Alison joined the Troika pottery straight from school in 1977 and was senior decorator in 1981 until the firm closed in 1883.

My Troika vase the nearest thing I have to a family heirloom. I love it and intend to keep it safe for my family to enjoy when I'm gone.







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    I actually love the close-up! We can see the vase's wonderful textures and colors and they look almost abstract. Beautiful! I also like your journaling and learning about Troika. The "antique" backgroundpaper, edges, name tag, and title look wonderful!
    Well, your macro-photography looks like you've been doing it for a while - beautiful photo! I also enjoyed your journaling and like the rich, warm colors you used to go with your pic. Great layout!
    I learned something here.. Very pretty vase. Nice LO colors are great with the pic.
    Great close up photos and interesting journaling. Love the colors and the font.
    How interesting, Hilary. Now I'd love to see a LO with a photo of the whole vase.
    Beautiful image and I love your background papers.
    I love this LO! The simplicity of paper, title, etc. contrast against the beauty of the textures and patterns of your beautiful vase is perfection! I love your photo (yay, macro setting!), your journaling, and your LO!
    Lovely Layout. Your choice of background is perfect with your photo. Wonderful title.
    I think you scrapped this picture just right! The simple grunge background lets the eye go straight for your great close up photo. Really like how you did your title! And how cool that you gathered the history of your wonderful vase!
    What a unique photograph of this piece. I liked reading your story.