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Task 24 -- My Daisy

I had fun playing around with the White Balance settings on my camera. I took these photos of my kitty, Daisy while she was napping on my bed.



Supplies Used:

MAD My Kitty Collection -- Paper GrayDots

AWI Murano Collection Biggie -- Frame

VRA Batik Collection -- Alphas recolored using DEB SSStyles Dyed Fabric (used for L O V E)

EHI Creative Spirit Collection -- Alphas (used for title My Daisy)

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Carol, I like the way you showed and explained the different photos you took - very informative! I also like your journaling and title - really shows up great! :)

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Fascinating to see how different the same scene looks with different white settings. I like your journaling and think the background paper is great!

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I really like the way you have used all four photos. Thanks for explaining how your camera setttings. 'great layout.

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I wish my dog was sleeping when I took all the photos of him. He moved so fast most of the pics were blurred plus his eyes turned flourescent green. (I guess I should have moved the ASO up but I dont know how yet..new point n shoot camera. Lovely LO and what a cute cat.

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This is a great layout to reference the white balance results. Love that kitty. I sometimes wonder how our cat can cram so much inactivity into one day -lol!

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