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Task 24 - Shoe Tree

Task 24 - Shoe Tree

I took quite a few pictures of my shoe tree - I even attempted using the manual settings on the digital camera - which I almost always have on "easy". I took pictures with the overhead light on, off, on dim. I finally settled on this one - Overhead light off, manual exposure.

The Journaling reads: "I always swore I’d never be one of “those women” who have themed Christmas Trees... and yet here I am with my very own Shoe Tree. It started as a joke with a good friend who kept giving me a hard time about not being able to walk in anything by three inch heels. (I would constantly trip in flats or tennis shoes.) She gave me a couple of shoe ornaments for the tree. Other friends caught on and the next thing I knew I had almost enough shoes to fill my own small tree.. So, I went
shopping for a tree and more shoe ornmanents... I didn’t find a small tree and in two years, the collection grew.
In 2011, there are probably 400 ornements on the tree, of various sizes and shoes and it sits in the master bed room
at Christms. The little girls in the neighborhood love it and think its “soooo girly” and their mothers love that I’ll be
the girly one. I never thought I’d be a “girly girl,” but then again, I never thought I’d be a themed tree woman and now I have 5 trees of various themes at Christmas, but my favorite is the one that started it all - the Shoe Tree."

I used: Christmas Delight (KVE); Cottage Christmas (BMU); Adoration (KSC); Marquis (CKA); Collage Art (SNU); Art Doll Special (EHI); Differrent Color (VRA)

    Heehee.. Great layout - I enjoyed your journaling and your photo can out great! :)
    I love this: the journaling, the photo, the wonderful branch with shoes on it, and those adorable red shoes at the bottom of the photo. Delightful layout!
    What an interesting story. I have never heard of theme trees. Love your photo and layout.
    Love this story. I have a daughter who would absolutely love that tree. :) Pretty page.
    I love this. I used to have a lot of theme trees (Raggedy Ann and Andy, Mickey Mouse, Hershey to name a few). As the years went by and we moved to smaller houses, and no longer had the energy to work with them, most of them were given to children and grandchildren. Last year we only had one tree for the first time in many years. Anyway, I love your journaling on this LO.
    Such a pretty page. I love the tree. I t is very festive and much more fun then Christmas balls
    Love, Love, Love it. Your photo of your 'Shoe Tree' is just wonderful and I love the fir tree branch with the shoes hanging from it. Your journaling is wonderful and it made me smile about being the 'girly girl'. I love the elf shoes on the bottom of the photo. Love the frame.
    What a gorgeous tree and fun layout. Pretty framing and great story to go with your picture. The shoes under the tree is a fun touch. Love it.
    LOL - Love the shoe tree!! What a great idea! Love that you also put shoes on the picture frame as well! Fun layout!
    I like your shoe tree - maybe you should have a sock wreath to go with it? LOL Lovely LO.