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Organizing my Recipes-2012

Organizing my Recipes-2012

This last week's tasks were a challenge. It was not the tasks but working through some thoughts. I have been reading Ro's stories about reorganizing her life and have reflected on my own path. My layout shows the beginning of my paring down stuff and keeping what is most important. My new recipe books include old papers from my Grandmother's days, new recipes made using scrapping, and copies. It has become an organized system that others can borrow and browse and share. My photos use all the different ambiences in Creative Auto.

My journalling was another challenge, mostly because I tend to think a lot but not talk out loud. Our family has had many challenges this year. Including the death of my father in law and the death of my husband's partner in business. Also my oldest daughter has been ill for the last year, she has spent the last few months in hospital. She is getting well but her
journey has been difficult. Lastly, my son was injured recently, just before school started for the winter. He suffered a broken jaw. He too will be okay. We look at our year and a bit and say "we are together and we are here, working hard and mending our lives."

The journalling on my page is the final paragraph in a letter I wrote today:

My daughter ison a road to recovery, she has gone to see her horse today.

My son has goneback to school, although he is living on milkshakes and breakfast drinks.

My otherdaughter won her hockey game last night and is back at school working on anassignment.

My husband isin Florida, golfing with his friends.

I am sitting atmy computer writing this letter, drinking a coffee and for this moment feelingas though everyone is safe.

    Wow, this is great. I love the template, the journaling and the wire. You really have had a rough time. Glad things are improving.
    Great page - I like your photos and thoughtful journaling. I really like how you fit all the photos in.
    Love this LO! The soft colors create a calming effect that reflects the change from chaos to organization you want to achieve. Even the composition of the LO shows order and structure. And, it is so nice to see the personal touch of your journaling on this LO! A perfect combination.
    Love how you framed your photos in that shadowbox. Love your journaling and I am glad that things are picking up for you and your family. I like how you used your framed photos as the background too. Really lovely and you used such nice soft colors.
    Blending the 2 photos looks so good. I like your concept and the soft colors. Such is life and your portrayal of it. Glad everyone is doing better,
    Wonderful layout. It looks so "straight up and organized" without losing a soft comforting feel. Don't you love those moments when all is well?
    What a great story page of your life's events!! Im impressed how many photos you managed onto this one page -- and so well done!
    Your layout says so much. I like the different compartments of your layout and how they express your organization as well as make a harmonious whole. I like the background photo, too. Your journaling is wonderful! TFS
    I like the use of the photo as a washed out background here. Nice work!
    Not all our days are happy, and not all of our layouts are roses and sunshine. How powerful that you drew from your daily life a moment of peaceful serenity. Truly, truly beautiful. Life IS good.