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Jumpstart January: Task 24 page 2

Jumpstart January: Task 24 page 2

They're tearing down a really old building in town. I went out there today and documented it. I felt the need to make my pages about it. I had too many pictures to limit it to one page, so I made a two-page spread

the text reads

The lumberyard had been closed for less than a year. It seemed strange to see it that way, as it had always been around as long as I could remember. They tried to get another company to re-open it with no success. The Methodist Church bought the land. They plan to destroy the building and pave it over for a parking lot. A huge corner of Main Street paved over? It seems surreal.

A recent storm knocked over part of the wall and damaged the church, but the demolition was already started on the lumberyard. I have mixed feelings about this I know progress has to be made, but to lose an old building for a parking lot is a little bittersweet. A sign of the times in Small Town, U.S.A.

January 29th, 2012

    I love your journaling and photos. Great layout.
    This is wonderful! I enjoyed your journaling and your photos are great!
    At least the building is now documented! Great layouts I love the writing on the church sign also
    Another great page and your journaling is great. Unfortunately, the old always has to make room for the new, which is a shame. At least you documented it with photos. Great job.
    Great LO. What a great idea.
    PS -- great photos too!
    Great photos -- I like how you are capturing this moment. Nice choice of papers, too. Interesting journaling; I agree, it's sad to see an old building and an old business torn down.
    I like the colors you used & I understand the sentiment of the journaling.