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JJ-2012 -- TASK #24 -- Grace At Home

I experimented with movement ...meaning I actually move the camera while snapping the photo! My background is the photo I took of a grouping of trees. Trees create wonderful line images and color. I also played with my F-stop to achieve various images. It took alot of experimenting -- but Alot of fun! -- Also, for the first time, I used and 8 1/2 X 11 size for my layout!



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Well... all that experimenting resulted in an absolutely gorgeous layout! I love the technique you used to make the background paper. I'm definitely going to remember that one! Grace is lovely and I like her both big and small. Great title work and I love how the leaves frame the whole page.

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Wow, this is wonderful Jo! I LOVE your background - what a great idea and it came out so beautifully! I also really like your gorgeous layout - pretty photo and blending and I like what you did with the smaller pic, too.

I especially like the greenery around the page - really a stunning layout! :)

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This reminds me of Bridge to Terabithia. Love the use of photos for backgrounds & you really seem to have captured her in her element. :)

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What a marvelous layout. Grace is lovely and her "habitat" is beautiful. The greenery frame is very creative and well done. Moving the camera turned out well. Never thought of exploring that concept (I'm always trying to keep very still!)

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This LO really stands out on the photo strip. The background is so cool. I'll give this method a try sometime! Grace looks so happy to be in the woods, a girl after my own heart. Great job!

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