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JJ Task 24: Juno's gifts

JJ Task 24:  Juno's gifts

For the focus on Photography task, I chose to tackle one of my most daunting challenges: photographing a beautiful but camera shy Juno, who has grown to hate flash photography. I got down on her level, and played with the ambient light so I could use no flash. She let me take a couple of shots before leaving the set. I used PSE to adjust the lighting of the photo.

One day of Christmas celebration just wasn’t enough for Juno, so she extended the season of giving for weeks into the new year. She collected packages from wherever she could find them and dragged them upstairs to leave them under the tree. Zack said, "Mom, look! She's leaving us presents!"
Her offerings included a package of Pop-tart crisps, an unopened paint drop cloth, an aquarium filter, and a half-eaten bag of kitty treats.

BMU_ChristmasChronicles_EMB_Bow-Red.png copy 2
BMU_CottageChristmas_JingleBell.png copy 2

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    What a crack up!!! Cool cat :-) Love that decorated tree, must have taken a while looking at all te embellishments you used!! Gorgeous cat and lovely photo taken down on her level... Love how you kept the main part of the page plain and added embellishments only to the side plus journalling :-)
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you have one very clever cat and what an adorable one he is to :) Love the LO and how you decorated the tree :)
    Oh, Jaymee - so glad you did scrap Juno's story -- I love it! Your layout is wonderful and your decorated tree so pretty! Neat photo and you did a great job shooting it head-on. I really enjoyed and laughed at your journaling and all the burlap and twine you used is so warm and festive. Super page! :)
    Very pretty layout. I love your cat's face. I love all your embellishments on the tree.
    This looks so homey! I especially like how you used the burlap ornaments on the tree and twine.
    Your kitty is too funny! The only thing my cat ever left me was a mouse by my door. An offering? Ewww! This is a fun page from the journaling to the decorated tree. The burlap & twine look right at home here.
    How funny! Love the burlap theme here - background, frame, border and ornaments. Nice title, too. Glad she cooperated for a few shots. I can only photograph ours when she is asleep.
    I love the burlap on this! What a beautiful kitty. Great job on this!!
    What a wonderful layout - I love the tree, Juno's beautiful photo AND your fantastic journaling --- love that Juno extended your Christmas for a few weeks!
    Your journaling is fun. I love the decorations in the tree. This is a very pretty page.