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A Mixed Bag!!!


© Jessica

A Mixed Bag!!!

I thought and thought about this one and thought, self, simpler the better! So here ya go! I chose the papers representing the colors/patterns I associated with each state, and the same with the text and colors.

Credits: EXIF Properties

    Great ATC! I love the colors, the zipper, and how you used the different fonts. It's just wonderful!
    This is so creative! I love it!
    Love it, Jess! So YOU! I like all the colors you've used too and as Teecee said, the different fonts look really cool! Great ATC!
    This is so clever and so wonderful! I just love the zipper and the idea of using different colors and fonts. Great ATC!
    Clever is the word I thought of too~ you done good!
    Love your creative way of expressing each state (love the peachy shades in GA paper) and how beneath that zipper lies the heart of a Kentuckian. Somehow I knew you had to be southern! (that's a good thing.)
    I like the way you have zipped it all together :)
    I love the zipper and all the journaling. Lovely ATC.
    Very creative! The way you used the zipper is super.
    WOW I love this ATC Jess --- I love your zipper, your colors AND your journaling!