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My grandson, Caleb, loves to build things. In this photo, he was helping his Uncle Michael clean up the cabin he was building on his parents land in Washington State. I believe Michael is the one who sparked Caleb's interest in bujildning things. His favorite gifts are tools. They have to be "big boy" tools. No kid stuff for him. I get so tickled with him. He has a real leather carpenter's belt to hold all his tools. I used a photo over the background paper and used the blend mode to creative an old pioneer feel to the cabin. Caleb looks like a pioneer with that crazy hat on his head.


Kimla_DN_floor (3)

    Really cute LO. I like the way you blended the background to give it a vintage look. How wonderful that Caleb has already found something he loves to do.
    Betsy I love the feel you gave to the cabin, it really does look old fashioned! Smiled at the hat too! I understand about no kids stuff - my boys only buy toy cars that are real - none of those Hot Wheels made up cars... I noticed you used those leaves I have admired before too, love this! And good to see you back on the boards, you must be feeling well! Good news :2468who-do-we-appreciate: :2468who-do-we-appreciate: :2468who-do-we-appreciate:
    I love the blending of the background photo. It really worked well. Great photo and journaling. I think lots of little boys like big boy tools. In fact all little boys between the ages of 5 and 95 like big boy tools.
    Bless his heart - what a great photo. A simply adorable page.
    What an adorable page! I love the way you blended the photo into the background and the look on Caleb's face is priceless. Wonderful layout! :)
    Great photo of happy-looking Caleb. I absolutely love the background effect! It does have an old pioneer look, but better. Warm and golden. I love the added texture of the chicken wire and the way the paper looks like it has worn away. Cute idea to put the title on the roof, too. Fabulous page!
    How wonderful. He does look like a pioneer in that hat. I love your blending into the background, and the warm colors.
    This page really caught my eye! He's a cutie, and I love his love for building and tools!
    Delightful LO. Love the vintage look you have given the background. The best part is that wonderful smile on Caleb's face.
    That's just priceless!!