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Where I'm From is in my Heart

Where I'm From is in my Heart

I couldn't say where I'm from anymore - after traveling all over the place while Rich was active duty AF, my heart is in many places, so I just took a pic of my bookself which says it all. It isn't a fancy layout at all but it's me.

Journaling says:Thereís a little tiny piece of where Iím from on this bookshelf and each piece is a treasure to me.
Hanging on the right of the shelf is a Turkish Flag from our years living in Turkey and my very favorite AF assignment;
my German Nutcrackers,my little Turkish Dolls, my family photos, my NC pinecomes, and books about every place Iíve ever lived.
THIS is whereI ím from - and it's all right here in front of me everyday!

My hearts and background are from Angie Briggs!

    It's wonderful!!!
    Sara, I think this is wonderful. Lovely journaling from the heart and a great photo. I also found it quite intersting reading about the places that you love.
    What a wonderful page. Your idea to photograph the bookshelf for this is inspired. Love the journaling and its placement and those hearts are just the right touch.
    Great LO & I love your journaling.
    Such a neat LO! Your journaling is really interesting, and the stitched hearts across the bottom make it feel homy. (Is that a word? LOL.) What a nice display to have in your home!
    I love this Sara! I love the photo and your great journaling. It's a wonderful ATC!
    What a terrific idea Sara. I have the same type of bookcase filled with objects that have great stories attached to them. I never thought about photographing the collection. I need to do that before I forget the story!!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Great LO.
    Love it Sara. I used to feel sorry for people who were stationed in a beautiful place and never leave the barracks. I was more like you. I felt at home where ever I was stationed.

    What a wonderful collection,and great documentation. We see things that others treasure, but having the story behind the sentiment makes them priceless. Well done!
    Thanks for sharing this, Sara. I really loved looking at it.