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Feb. ATC - Hometown

Feb. ATC - Hometown

I was born and raised here in Miami, and other than 5 years in Illinois, I've lived here all my life. The photos are: a palm tree, Miami Beach as seen from the other side of Biscayne Bay, and a recent photo of the house where I grew up.

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I used the 'text transform' tool for the first time, I happened on it by accident! It added the curve to "MIAMI".

    Great ATC Becky! I love your photos with the map in the background and the pins and strings are the perfect touch.
    It's great seeing the map. Now I can see some of the places you ladies are always talking about. I really enjoyed looking at your ATC. Really great idea.
    I really like your layout. This is something I want to try for my travels to Alabama.
    This is so clever! I love the way you've tied the photos together with the map and string--very cool!
    Wow, it turned out great! Love those happy accidents. I especially like the map pins. don't forget to email me the full resolution copy!
    Becky what a wonderful ATC - I love the way you did your title, the map, the pins AND your beautiful Miami photos - I'm so glad I had the chance to vacation in Miami many years ago!
    I like the way you've used the map as your background for those great Miami photos, Becky - love the curled pics! And the map pins look very cool on your ATC!
    I absolutely love the idea of pins in the map and how realistic they look. Great idea! Love the photos, too. This is my adopted state, but aren't we lucky to live here?
    Now you have made me Miss that florida weather! Very Very Very Nice ATC! I love it! The pins and the string are a fantastic touch!
    Becky, wonderful ATC! Your title came out great and I like how you "pinned" your wonderful photos onto a map background.