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Monday 1/30 Challenge: Scrabble!

Monday 1/30 Challenge:  Scrabble!

I was inspired to do this layout by one of Ro's recent muses about family game time. No one enjoys a family board game more than my mom, and we always enjoy lots of game time during her visits.

I've wanted to put Brandy Murry's SchoolDays Alpha to use for some time--this was the perfect opportunity!

Ro_SSPaper_StampsStuff_Embossed.png copy

    Very nice layout. I have become newly addicted to Scrabble, playing it on my phone with my daughters.
    LOVE the Scrabble board background and what great pics of fun with board games! I like what you've done clustering the photos! I'm a Scrabble fan too - play it on my computer all the time (I do cheat just a little bit sometimes and ask for a hint) :disappearing-smilie:
    Impressive scrabble board background! I love your happy photos -- it looks like your son is enjoying the game as much as your mom is. I like that the photos have a scrabble letter-type shape, too. This is an adorable layout and definitely belongs in the family album!
    What a cool layout - I love the Scrabble background, your tiled words AND your great scrabble photos --- love it!
    I love the Scrabble board background. How very clever. Lovely photos and layout.
    Jaymee this is wonderful! I saw it on my iPod, but was waiting 'til it was easier to type, then forgot. :( Sure glad someone's post reminded me beause I REALLY like this layout. :)
    What great photos and I love how yoe scrapped Game Night on a Scrabble board - how creative. Even moreso is using the tiles for your title. I also really like your use of the sanded corners action - another of your pages prompted me to buy it but I haven't tried it yet. I really like how warm and colorful this page is and the comraderie and fun I feel from it. :)
    What a creative layout! I especially like how you pieced the alpha on the background paper. What a great way to remember this game time!