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Dressed in their CNY Best

Dressed in their CNY Best

Part 2 of my Chinese New Year series.

It's the first day of the new lunar year, and traditionally folks spend the day visiting friends and family to exchange greetings and family news. On this day, folks also traditionally dress up in new clothes to welcome the new year - some more superstitious ones dress up from head to toe and even inside out in new clothing to welcome a new wave of good luck. Red is popular as an auspicious and festive colour, and my aunt, who runs a lingerie business, does a roaring trade just from red versions during the Chinese New Year prep period!

And to explain, where i live, Chinese New Year is commonly abbreviated to CNY. My daughter is wearing a cheongsam, a traditional Chinese costume. There are also Chinese costumes available for boys, but i chose not to buy one for my son coz while girls can wear cheongsam to formal dinners, boys just look silly in costume outside of Chinese New Year season!

Supplies list:
'Bunches of Love', Sweet Pea Designs: pink background, 'CNY BEST' alpha, soft pink button, ribbons and lace
Marisa Lerin: white patterned paper, flowers
'Cool Spring Day', Correen Silke: orange patterned paper, soft orange button
'Christmas in Pink', S.C.R.A.P.: pink patterned paper
'Spring Mini Kit', Delicious Scraps: 'Dressed' alpha
'Promise', Shabby Princess: orange flowery button

    Lovely page - I like your wonderfully adorable photos and enjoyed reading your notes about new clothing for the New Year. Great layout!
    What a wonderful layout - I love the way you did your title AND your precious children in their CNY clothes!
    What adorable photos. I love those dresses.
    I like the title. What adorable photos!
    The kids look adorable in their new clothes. Thanks for the information, too. Great page!
    Your kids are lovely and the journaling very interesting. I think we are all going to become experts in Chinese customs now. Thanks for sharing this with us.