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This is page two of a double page layout of my friend's grandson's musical last year.







BMU_SSPaper_BG Blenders2


Silhoutte from Internet

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Betsy, you are on fire! Glad to see you are feeling motivated :-) This is lovely, so many things to admire... wonderful photos, and beautiful colours... that silhouette stole the show for me (after the photos of course!)... love the music too, gives us a feel for the show ;-)

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Betsy, wonderful page! I like your photos and how they take center stage (heehee - that pun was actually not intentional) and I really like yoru gorgeous background.

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I really like the silhouette in the background. What a great idea. Note to self, Remember that. Great background color and photos. Lovely layout.

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Fabulous, Betsy just fabulous! I love the silhouette in your background! I really like the colors you've used too. You're a true artist!

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