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Family Thanksgiving

Family Thanksgiving

This page is part of a scrapbook that I am making for my inlaws' 50th anniversary, which they celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. Nearly all the living decendents of my father-in-law's parents were in attendance (only one cousin missing.) This photo is truly a special one for the family. I hope that I have done it justice.


Frame & Embellishments:
JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart_JIF6Plus_Leaf.png copy

Word Art:

Styles & Tools:

    I definitely think you have done your beautiful family photo justice - I love the tree background, the banner AND the way you framed your precious Anniversary/Thanksgiving photo!
    What wonderful family photo and a perfect BG for it and love the ribbon around the tree :)
    What a special photo. I love the tree in the background and I think you did a wonderful job on the layout.
    Oh, I think you did Jaymee! As always, your layout is just filled with warmth and love. Your photo is so special and I like how you framed it and placed it on a tree. Everyone looks delighted to be together and your album is coming along so beautifully.
    wonderful and love how you hung the photo in the tree. i am sure the album will be a very special thing for yu and your family
    Wonderful LO!!! I love the tree, and everything fits together just beautifully!
    Beautiful, Jaymee - I especially love the banner wrapped around the tree - I agree with Becky - it looks as if everything you've used just fits perfectly! Love the way the photo hangs from the tree! Great photo! You do the neatest layouts!
    What a great family photo. I love the way you scrapped this with the tree behind the photo.We are having a hard time getting our family all together at once the past couple of years, and I really miss it.
    So this is the family tree! I love how the group's actually posing with a tree. The frame looks wonderful, and I like how it's hanging slightly askew. The banner around the tree is great. And that little chipmunk at the bottom is just too cute!
    This is fantastic, Jaymee! I love the tree, the banner, and the way you arranged the lists of names. And I really like the way the bits of red in the frame and mat, and even the tree bark, reflect the red shirts - totally cohesive.