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Maine ATC #2

I used the following:

Syndee Nuckles - SSEmbTmplt_ScatteredPictures

Brandy Murry - Back Porch WordArt_Strip AND SSEMB_USStates_Maine

Kerry Veale - Victorian Garden Paper_Solid_Ivory

Angie Briggs - PSILoveU-Paper-Red

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I love this! Not only is the sign priceless, the photo takes place in the snow with birch trees in the background. So Maine! Great ATC.

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LOL - love it! Great work Sherry!

I do have a silly question - do you pronounce them all correctly? We have a Madrid and a Nevada town near us. But they are not pronounced like the originals, which is totally weird and stupid IMHO;) Instead of MaDRID it is MAdrid, and Nevahda becomes Nevayyyyda. Strange Iowans...;) Maybe it's a purposeful joke on all the people who have mistakenly called us Iowayyyyyyy instead of Iowah. Who knows!

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What a great sign! It must've been fun posing for that photo! I like that there's an Egypt, Maine, LOL. Wonderful ATC!

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I love this photo of you and your sign! You have made a great ATC out of it, Sherry. Really like the torn papers and Maine in the bg.

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