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This is a photo of Austin, my friend Sara's son having a snowball fight on Fir Island in Washington State.


BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _4
BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _9
BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _10

    Hi Betsy! Wow, beautiful layout - I just LOVE your photos and background and you splotched that snowball that lil' guy is thowing right onto the page. Feels like I got hit... :D
    Throwing good wishes along with a snowball right-back-actcha! :)
    Lovely page! I like the "snow" below the photos and the white on the background paper. Your photo of him throwing a snowball is great.
    Brrrrrr. This is definitely a wintery LO. Nice job on this!
    This is awesome! Really caught my eye in the gallery.
    Betsy, this is stunning! Great use of color contrast with dark and light. Wonderful photos, and just an all around great LO.
    Great page. Love your photos and the snow that you added. Brrrr! It sure is looking cold at Fir Island.
    An intriguing LO that I just had to take a closer look at. love the icey colours.
    The colors look marvelous! I like the wintery look. Austin's photo almost looks 3-D. Great layout!
    Beautiful, Betsy! I love the completely different frames you've used on this layout - really makes for a very cool layout! LOVE the snow you've added to the page too. Wonderful layout - very well done!

    Sending you hugs and hope you're having a good day! Thinking about you!
    You did a fabulous interpretation of the color palette. Nice use of rectangle and circle. Love the photos and the use of those paint sheers was inspired.