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This is a photo of Austin and his mom, Sara after completing their snow cave on Fir Island in Washington State.





BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _4

BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _9

BMU_PaintSheers_EMB _10

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Burrrr! This is really a standout layout and a perfect choice of color to give that icy feel. I love how you were able to achieve so much depth on this page.

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This is stunning I love that you put the photo in a circle. When I saw it, I first thought that it was the moon behind them. Love the colors.

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Ooooh, what a magical layout, Betsy! Love the photo framed within the circle! I agree with Joyce - there's so much depth to this layout - just beautifully done! I love it!

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A really beautiful layout. I love all the textures and the colours work great with the snow. It really gives you the feeling they are deep in a snow cave.

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I feel chilly looking at this! Even the font looks cold! They look like Arctic explorers in that cave. Love the colors used here!

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