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The Story Behind the Photo


© 2012 Ashleigh Bronner

The Story Behind the Photo

Layout uses
Tell The Story Collection
Brush Set: Junk in the Trunk
ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Paper Tears 5001
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Folded Paper
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Stitching Studio

    What a beautiful tribute to your very special Grandmother, Ashleigh! I really enjoyed reading your wonderful journaling about this very strong and loving Grandmother of yours! Wonderful layout - thank you for sharing your special story. It's just lovely!
    Beautiful! I love the way you laid out this page. The journaling is the star, but it is illustrated so well with your grandma's photo. I also like the split paper background. It leads us to think that the story is to be continued....
    Wow, this is fabulous Ashleigh. I'm going to visit my elderly mom this weekend and hope to coax her out of her house. You have given me inspiration and hope! Thank you for sharing.
    Gorgeous layout, Ashleigh, and very touching journaling. Thank you for sharing your family with us.
    I love this layout. You have shown so beautifully how easy it can be to put a lot of journaling on a page. Great Job! Into my favorites!
    This is really lovely and I love the way you did the journaling. Thanks for the tut in the newsletter.
    A great tribute to your grandmother Ashleigh and I think this LO is exceptional. I especially like the newspaper format of the journaling - it is easy on the eye visually and very easy to read.
    Your tribute to your grandmother is both touching and uplifting. I hadn't seen the gap as a promise of continuation, but as a symbol of the leap of faith and strength she made, and the stitching as the strong ties that connect you. Whatever your intentions or thoughts as you designed the page, you've honored your grandmother, and demonstrated the value of storytelling, to both the teller and the readers. Thank you.
    Oh my, this is such a powerful tribute to your gmom and to your love that would not let her live in a joyless life. I like the stitching. To me it says that although the page is torn, it is held together. You are so right, God is good!
    Ashleigh, this page is so very full of love, compassion, hope and understanding. I do hope that you have shared this with your grandmother so that she may see how caring you are for her well-being. I loved your tutorial and it has inspired me to work on my journaling. The format makes total sense. The composition, choice of products, and especially the photo all add up to a truly special LO.