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ABR Commotion Paper
MRE_Downtown BrushSet
BMU_MollyMilk Alpha
Canstock: Music Notes Element
Perpetua Font
SENT Schreibmaschine Font
Wiley Rankin and Deborah Rankin: Jump for Joy Lyrics
The Hairpin.com: Rita Hayworth Fred Astaire Photo

    Beautifully done! I love the energy - you can just see them jumping for joy. Beautiful blending!
    Me too! I love, love, love the energy in your awesome layout! It's soooo creative and fun! Beautifully done!
    What fun, Eden! Great concept and well executed.
    Oh, I like this. Love the flowing music staff and the great Rita flying midair. Great job.
    This is stunning. I love the blending and the music. Wow. Lovely.
    Very, VERY cool!
    Great expression of the "Leap for Joy" theme. Really, realy nice!
    What a beautiful layout! I love the music notes and how you blended the photo. Wonderful job!
    The musical notes, the blended picture-Oh, I love this LO!
    This is 100% awesome! Talk about leaping for joy! The subject, the blending, and the title are just great!