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Valentine to Senor PSCS

Thao Cosgrove, Life's Canvas papers and embellies; font, LD Painters Hand;

actions, CVW file save 1; HDI basic shadows; SBA DeepShadows


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Inspiration credit to Cheri T! LOL



Dearest Senor PSCS,

You brighten my darkest days—just the hope of spending time alone, uninterrupted with you—keeps me going. I am anxious for just a few more moments in your presence. Sleepless in the night, I plan eagerly for our next meeting.

My heart pounds with excitement at each small revelation of your complex personality. I am continually discovering new depths in our relationship. Those shortcut text messages we share—oh how sweet!

My life is enriched from every moment spent with you. You have brought color, creativity, challenges, new friends and joyous memories. Most importantly, I value your non-judgmental way of encouraging my feeble efforts in self expression.

The years we have spent together—how brief the time seems! I long for us to share at the deepest layers, to continue our partnership indefinitely. You and I have an understanding, few can achieve-or understand. With us, mere words are unnecessary.

You Senor, are my Valentine!

P.S. I will be home alone this evening.

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