My Boy, Finn, using BMU_UltimateArtistActn

My little Yorkie, Finn.


Created using Brandy's Ultimate Artist Action Set for CS and PSE9-10.

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I am loving all the layouts that are using that action....this one is exceptional and it's given me some inspiration. Thanks!

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It's official. You are definitely an artist! I'm so glad that you decided to put your "winter reading" aside to experiment with Brandy's new action. It could not possibly be represented any better than what you have done with Finn. And he did not even need to pose! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

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Spectacular! I am just crazy about this..IMF. It couldn't be better if you had handpainted it or had it professionally done. I love the head tilt and Finn is a real cutie! I love the added blues..... you must be a painter. The eyes are gorgeous and the individual hair is amazing. Well done and an inspiration!

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