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Chinese New Year Series - Layout 3 right side

Chinese New Year Series - Layout 3 right side

The animal lineup:
- pig for my son
- goat for my hubby (we were actually born in the same calendar year, but he came before CNY and therefore born in the year of the goat)
- ox for my daughter
- and i'm a monkey!

Great. Now with google and a bit of math, you guys can figure out how old i am. =P

Mentioned this already in the previous upload, but my hubby did the journalling! Here's my original English version.
"After the traumatic sardine experience in Chinatown, we were pleasantly surprised by the comfortable crowd level at the River Hongbao this night. Waipo enjoyed the free open air concert, Mummy enjoyed taking photos of all the lanterns and activities, and Neko-chan enjoyed a flying fair ride, all by himself!"

Oh yeah. Waipo means maternal grandmother. Yep, that's my mum in the photo!

    I love this LO! I especially love the animals for each of you and the journaling is wonderful. :)
    Love how you used the bright colors on dark background. Makes everything pop from the page. Great journaling!
    I like all the colors in your photos and layout. Those lanterns and parasols are cute! The "traumatic sardine experience" sounds like something I hope to never encounter, LOL. Oh, and I'm a little older than you, I'm a rabbit. :)
    This is lovely and interesting. I was born in the year of the rat. I looked it up once. Very interesting layouts.