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Something I struggle with right now is numbers. What number should you set as your goal and be happy with? There are so many different numbers out there and so many theories on what's right or wrong. Since it's something that's on my mind alot I thought it would be perfect to journal about and add to my stash of WL layouts

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A New Me Collection, Fitness Collection Biggieand ScrapSimple Transparency Overlays: All Wrapped Up 3 - Numbers

    Angie, I love your layout - and I enjoyed reading your journaling........numbers make me crazy too, but I have to tell you that you've been such an inspiration here with your positive attitude and your successes - I think you have your own inner voice that's leading you down exactly towards the right goal...............and you're so close! Keep on being positive! I love the vibes I get from it!
    Very cool idea & LO! The journaling is awesome
    I just love how you are chronicling the stages of your weight loss program. And I loved reading about your current dilemma. Id say, listen to your inner voice just like you said at the end of your journaling. I really think youre beyond needing specific goals. Id say just keep doing what youre already doing and loose until it feels right for you. SO much admiration for you!
    Angie, this is great. I think your commitment to being the healthiest you can will give you the answers to the other questions. Nothing wrong with interim goals, though!
    I think you are going to have an awesome journal by the end of the year. I love what you are doing here.
    I love this. I think setting the right goal is something we have all struggled with. Great layout.
    This is a great idea for a layout! Congratulations on all that you've accomplished so far!