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This is one of the reasons I "Leap for Joy" my Great Great Nephew Isiah --- Thank You For Looking!

I have changed this layout so many times AND finally I just decided I'm finished, no more changes.

I used the following products:
Farmstead Collection Paper_Door, PS I Love U Paper-Solid Blue, Naturalists Journal Emb1_Herbs AND Cowboy Up - Boots_Special all from Angela Blanchard

Well Loved_Paper_Special AND SSLifted_Doubles_Straight from Melissa Renfro

November Sky Emb-BurlapBorder AND AYO_Memento_WdArt-Dreams (Altered) from Syndee Nuckles

Back Porch EMB_CknWire from Brandy Murry

SSActions_ShadowLayer_6501 from Sarah Batdorf

    This is such a beautiful LO, Sherry! I can remember what a sick little guy Isiah was - wow, has he ever grown! Though it all he still maintained that adorable smile!! I love the boots and greenery cluster ... the torn/curled paper and the faint brush work on the green paper. Wonderful title .... just beautiful !!
    How gorgeous this is Sherry. I cant believe it was 3 years ago when we sent cards to this wee one. Its a miracle and he looks so cute here with his brother :) Thanks for posting this :)
    Wow little Isiah is truly a miracle! What a relief to see him looking so good with his brother. I am sure you all have sweet smiles to see him grow through the miracles! The little cowboy boots are just perfect with your LO. And I sure like your torn paper stacked on the wood background! Thanks for sharing this with us!!
    Oh, Sherry Lynn, I've been so hoping to see a layout about little Isiah - it's been so long since I've heard anything about him and am so happy to see these darling pics - he certainly has come along way since he was such a sick litle boy - He's growing and thriving and it make my heart smile to see these pics - I heve never stopped thinking about him and all of the terrible things this little guy went through - thank you for sharing this with us and give him a big hug for me - your layout is just fabulous and I am so happy to see this! Bless his little heart - what a tropper he is and so fortuate to be loved by so many!
    What an inspirational story. How great that he is doing so well now. I love this layout.
    I remember making a little layout for Isiah but didn't realize it was that long ago. He looks fabulous! And your layout is beautiful. I love the earthy colors and the cowboy boots embellishment is super cute!
    How he's grown! It is wonderful to see him doing well. Your layout shows the transistion from baby to little man. Nice!
    This is wonderful! What a darling, special boy!
    What a special layout--and a real reason to jump for joy! I love the way you've layered your background papers here, and the naturally masculine color palette are a perfect fit for this extraordinary little one.
    Beautiful story, you are so lucky to have him!