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Does using SS Actions/Styles count for this challenge?

After sharing some of my Brandy Ultimate Artist watercolor designs with friends, I began to get photos emailed to me pleading for ‘painted’ versions.

When I had finished making a photo frame-sized version of this adorable shot of two brothers, the title immediately came to mind, so I wanted to create a layout around it. This is my first LO using something from this action since I’ve been too busy just turning photos into watercolor paintings-LOL.

BMU_UltimateArtist ActionSet

Other supplies and fonts are in the EXIF properties

    awesome treatment on the photo. Its amazing how this action changes it so dramatically. Beautiful LO :)
    Lovely page. Your photo looks great. I love the soft colors.
    Gorgeous! I love how the photo turned out and I like what you did with the layout, especially the frame blended into the sand. The stripes in the background add wonderful pattern to the softness.
    This is lovely and when I asked April during the chat she said, yes- that styles are SS products! I really like what you did with the photo and the background is perfect! Your title is great, too! :)
    great quote and like what you did with the bg
    Fantastic page. I love the photo - especially with the quote you used. And yep, actions count!
    The photo is so sweet and the quote is lovely. The action worked perfectly and the layout is really very pretty.
    I love this layout and photo. And that quote couldn't be more perfect for this photo.
    Wow, you are on a roll now. I thought that action set would get you excited. This is going into my scrap lift folder for a future layout. Nick and Nate are not holding hands just yet but I do see that day coming. They are best of buddies. I love everything you did to capture the sweetness of the moment.
    Awwww, this is so sweet. Great title/quote. Love the beach paper and the little crab.