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Mini Turkey-Veggie Meatloaves - Feb. 2012

Mini Turkey-Veggie Meatloaves - Feb. 2012

This is so good, and I can see being able to do all sorts of variations. :)


internet freebie - turkeyframes,
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    Sounds interesting and different. All great ingredients! I like your card, especially the little photo.
    So cute. Love the little turkey by the photo too. :)
    I want to try this. A very pretty card.
    I have my own meatloaf recipe, but what a great idea to put it in muffin cups! Ah, the crust you must get with that, yum!! Cute card, too - I love the background & the little turkey is the prefect embellie.
    Meatloaf muffins! How cute and clever! I'll have to try this. Great card!
    What a great idea and I love how the meatloaves have veggies hidden inside! :)
    Your card is so pretty, too.
    Interesting recipe--maybe I can use it to get our menfolk to eat more vegetables. Very clear and easy to read.
    Very cute & clever - both card & recipe!
    What a great card. I am glad we are posting Healthy recipes as I need to have more of these types of recipes I can go to. Love your card and athe little turkey is adorable.
    Love meatloaf and this turkey and veggie loaf sounds wonderful. The little turkey is adorable and that's a great photo.