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Thursday 2-16-12 Challenge -- Somewhere In Time Page Two

I love this movie so much that I had to do another page on it. It is my favorite love story, ever. I cry every time I see it. The music is so beautiful, Jane Seymour is just gorgeous and Christopher Reeve was so handsome.


I didn't use any SG supplies on this, just photos from the movie.

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This is also my favorite love story! I, too, cry every time I see it! I actually purchased the soundtrack and go to sleep to it each night. Now, for the layout itself! You have done a beautiful job of scrapping some of the most important moments in the movie. The background photo shoot was a magical moment in this movie. Beautifully scrapped!

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Oh, my, goodness. I love this movie so much, too. I never tire of watching it. I love the stop watch and the bg and all of it! Thanks for a great memory.

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I have never seen that movie. I do love the two main actors though. You made a beautiful layout. The title is well done.

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I've never seen this movie, but I'll be sure to watch it one day. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it sounds like a fascinating story. Great layout!

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