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This is a photo of our sweet Millie on the last day of school enjoying a hotdog. Believe me when I say it is a real treat to get hotdogs! Mom likes to cook healthy food for the kiddos and is not a lover of processed food.





ABR_JustBU_Paper_Yellow - (I changed the hue to green)

ABR_JustBU_Emb-arrow-red - (I changed the texture using the effects setting)


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Cute as it can be! I love the arrow! It's so neat the way it curves around and the texture is fantastic--strong enough to actually 'see'!

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What an exciting day for Millie! She's got her face painted, too, I see. Love the festive colors, the arrow, and the font. Great page!

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Great layout! I love the happy colors and embellishments, especially that arrow. How did you ever manage the texture? It looks just like the peel from a juicy orange. --- well, OK, I'm in Florida and I see oranges everywhere, but still, it looks great! Love the photo!

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Adorable. That is such a cute photo and I love the simple purple frame around it. The green, orange, and yellow color palette is wonderful.

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