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2/14 and 2/16 Challenge: Princess Bride

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I was inspired by two challenges: The freebie for 2/14 reminded me of the wallpaper in my grandmother's bedroom, bringing back a flood of memories. The 2/16 challenge, favorite romantic movie, was an easy choice for me: Princess Bride. The two together brought back this fabulous memory for me: the moment I tried on my wedding dress in my grandmother's bedroom.


I tried to slip upstairs unnoticed, but my foster sister saw and followed me, giggling. My grandmother noticed the bride-to-be and maid-of-honor stealing away with the mail, and put two and two together--she brought Grandpa's old minolta to capture the moment. I am so glad that she did!




My Moment...

The dress arrived, delivered by the postman

in a plain JC Penney shipping carton.

Quietly I took the package and stole away up to

Grandma’s bedroom, excited to try on the dress of my

dreams. Carefully unwrapping the dress from its

gossamer tissue, I slipped it on, then turned to the

mirror to afix my veil.

As I gazed upon my reflection in my Grandma’s

vanity mirror, I saw a glimpse of the little girl

who not so many years before sat right here,

trying on her Grandma’s lipstick--

Now all grown up and ready to be

a bride.


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Very sweet. You look excited in the photo and in a very pretty layout. The lemon and green make a lovely palette.

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This is such a special page! I love how you have recreated a special memory from youth to adulthood in your grandmother's bedroom! The journaling tells of a beautiful memory, and the way you framed it sets it off so nicely. The cluster is lovely with the photos tucked in and really grounds the page.

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OHHhhhhhh, Jaymee - this page and your journaling brought tears to my eyes. What feeling it contains and how special your memories are - you caught it all so beautifully it made me shiver and feel like I took a peek into your life! Your photos are gorgeous and your words so touching. I love the soft, dreamy feel to the page and how you tucked and blended the journaling behind your reflection - it really made me feel as if I was looking into your thoughts back then. I can see how your memories were triggered by the paper - it really shows through with such emotion on your layout. Truly, truly a standout page! :)

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Simply beautiful! This is whtr scrapbooking is all about! Love the memory inspired by the paper and love that you told it. What a fitting title.

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oh this is just sooo beautiful...and as for 'the princess bride' that HAS to be one of my most favourite of movies, haven't seen it in forever, but know I love it.

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Great pictures. I especially love the photo blended into the background with the butterflies. The freebie paper looks great here. I love how you've added the romantic embellishments, too.

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What a lovely page! Your journaling is fabulous; it sets the tone for the page. All the photos are fun, too. Isn't it wonderful someone thought to take them?

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