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Healthy recipe swap

Healthy recipe swap

This is one of my family's favorites. Last SuperBowl Sunday, my DH asked where the "good recipe" for fajitas was. I was stunned that I had so many variations that I couldn't give him a simple answer. I gathered the assortment of recipes and sticky notes, and finally wrote it all down! Definately time to make a SG Swap card!!

I really like the flavor that Tamari imparts, but any soy sauce will do. I use fresh red chili paste, found in the produce dept. of most supermarkets. It's sold with the fresh herbs and comes in a tube. It's one of my favorite ingredients--I even add a bit to hot cocoa for a nice kick!


    Sounds yummy, Jaymee! I haven't used fresh chili paste before - will have to give that a try! Thanks for sharing your family's fav recipe! I love the colors you used on your card! It's bright and happy and makes me hungry! (and I just finished supper!)
    I love, love, love fajitas! Great card, and thinks for a great recipe!
    Thanks for writing your recipe down! It sounds really good. Love how you used Cherise's collection here too.
    Beautiful card, nice and clear. The colors and decorations complement the recipe.
    I will try this recipe. Love any type of Tex-Mex food. Great looking card, too.
    Wonderful card Jaymee! I am always on the hunt for lower calorie Mexican food that still tastes great! Will have to try this!
    Oh, finally I will have a recipe card to go to. I as well just throw things together for a quick Fajita night, but your recipe sounds like a keeper. Very festive card, beautifully done.
    Ahhhhh! Chicken Fajitas. I can smell them now sizzling in the skillet. YummY! Love the card with the Mexican embellishments. Very cute.
    I like the red background and the Mexican embellishments that you used. It sounds like a good, healthy recipe!
    It sounds "Toolishus"! I'm printing this one out. Love, Mom