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Yet another new baby gift

Yet another new baby gift

This should be the last one for a while yet. It's a small church of about 200-300, and the wave of babies in the past couple of years has been unbelievable. Just drop in to any of our home gatherings, and you'll see babies and toddlers dotted all over the place!

The first three photos were taken on Baby Jeshuah's very first day in this world. The last one was snagged off his mummy's facebook!

- sheyzztoybox 'Spring Celebration': background, bird, stick
- Marie Stones: alphas, plastic sun
- Granny Enchanted: teddy bear
- TinaMC 'Mysteria': torn green paper (lightened)
- signboard digitally created with wooden frame by Delicious Scraps and paper by Brandi White

    This LO is so bright and sweet, and we love that song here in our house. :)
    So sweet. I love the song lyrics and the way you featured his name. Precious photos!
    What a sweet baby gift--I know his family will treasure this.
    How sweet this is. Nothing like a newborn baby, to let us see the beauty of life.
    Awww, such a sweet little baby and such a pretty layout! I like how you arranged the song lyrics, and the bear and bird are so cute. Putting this one in favorites!
    Wow thanx for the kind comments everyone! =)