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Easter 2010-left

Easter 2010-left

I'm ready for spring! I'm ready for spring colors and spring light and spring chicks and spring flowers!

Okay, I might be ready, but Alaska is not. My bulbs are sleeping quietly under three feet of snow. The nutcracker lawn ornament is struggling to keep his head over the snow bank. The driveway is beyond treacherous, and Puxatony Phil clearly has absolutely no jurisdiction here. I can't do anything about that....

...But I CAN scrap Easter of 2010! Bring on the Spring!



    ......but you have brought a little Spring here with these wonderful Easter colors and made me smile! I love the happiness I see in your layouts, Jaymee! Always such fun to see! I absolutely love the colors you've used!
    Awwww.. Jaymee - I laughed at your notes - I always enjoy your writing and great sense of humor and again your hopeful attitude made me smile! I really like your photos, sentiments and the bright airy colors you used -what a breath of fresh air! I agree with Sara - you've brought a bit of Spring right into my room, here! Thanks! :)
    Wonderful two pages. I am ready for Spring too, and we're a bit closer than you are. We are seeing a few signs here and there, although it's still cold enough (but not as cold as you are, I'm sure).
    Pretty background paper and so colorful. I like the note paper behind the photos. Great photos and lovely layout.
    I guess this is a perfect time to think spring -- maybe your page will hurry it along. I love your pretty Easter colors and your wonderful photos. I especially like that large egg nestled into the grass.
    I love the Easter colors you used, and the egg is too cute. I am ready for spring, too. We have daffodils in bloom here, not trying to rub it in, though. :)
    Remember, If not Spring, then the promise of Spring. Our bulbs are up 2-4 inches. We are hoping we don't get a frost at this point. They are too far to cover up. I loved your Easter pages they got me in the mood for Easter preparations. Love, Mom