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Monday Challenge - My Best Friend

Monday Challenge - My Best Friend

I used JRA_ValentineBaroque for my layout.

Rich has been and always will be, my very best friend. This was taken on our wedding day at Hunter AFB in Savannah, GA on December 30, 1966. I had cried (really sobbed) with happiness through the entire ceremony and my eyes were all puffy and glazed when his Mom took this picture. We were dirt poor and couldn't afford professional photos - probably a good think with my emotions all out of whack that day! It was the happiest day of my life! Thanks for looking!

Oooh - I just noticed - I put "my best friend and I" and I should have said "my best friend and me" - shoot! And I can't believe I actually wore that hat! LOL

    Wow! Adorable photo, professional or not, and I absolutely love the colors you've used. They remind me a little of the 60's. I like the quote, too. Must remember that one!
    Aw! I love this Sara! You and Rich were so adorable and young! Young love! Is there anything better? The colors you used are so perfect for this photo. They really set it off nicely. And, of course, pink and black are some of my favorite colors to use together. The quote is also perfect since you two have been together for so many years. Love this!
    Sara, what a beautifully touching layout! I love your very sweet photo and the explanations on how it was taken. What a special pic to have and I really like how you framed and scrapped it so gorgeously.
    Your quote is just perfect - wonderful page! :)
    You both look so young and happy! I think your hat is cute! Love the black and white and hot pink. That is a very cool (hot?)effect that you used for the title. Wonderful wedding layout!
    Sara, this is precious! You two were such an adorable couple - still are, just in a different way. Being in love is the best accessory. :)
    Great design, too. Thaks so much for participating in this week's Monday challenge.
    It's a beautiful photo Sara, I had a hat like that and I think it's cute. Love the story behind the photo. Perfect layout for 'My Best Friend'
    Oh my goodness Sara look at you and Rich --- love it! What a lovely layout you have created for the friends challenge!
    I love this, Sara. You were so young and beautiful, even if your eyes were puffy.
    What a great page! I especially like the quote, the journaling and the BIG picture.
    So pretty, Sara! Wonderful photo and quote.