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Snowflakes on the Lake 2012

The ice is frozen, the sky is blue, the air is crisp. Walking on a lake gives you such a sense of empowerment!


I altered this image today, I felt it was missing some depth. In the newsletter today the discussion was gradients. I used SNU_SSPaper_FallingSnow-4Wt.png using a gradient fill1 and changed the blending mode to soft light and the opacity to 75%

I like the layout much better, I find it is more interesting.

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This is a beautiful winter LO. I like how you made the "window" using the snowflakes and snow. Your title is so pretty. Is this where you heard the ice crack? I think I would be a *little* bit nervous if I heard that!

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I don't remember the original, but this looks terrific! I think you really did achieve a sense of depth. I love the colors with that great photo, too.

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