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Just Found This in my Stash - All Alone Layout

Just Found This in my Stash - All Alone Layout

I did this years ago and couldn't find it in my Gallery so thought I'd post it again - I can't remember what challenge it was for or the collections I used to do it - I think I found some stuff in my stash that I had been collecting before SG - the theme was about being alone.

Thanks for looking and my apologies if you've already seen it - it may be here somewhere but I can't find it. - It's my sad layout.

    love the sketched face, poingant words, Sara
    I actually remember this from before. It is very striking and well done!
    Sara, that is so sad. This is something so different. I really like the page. I hope with all my heart that you don't really feel like this.

    Sara, that is so sad. This is something so different. I really like the page. I hope with all my heart that you don't really feel like this.

    I don't feel like this, Belle - it was a challenge of some sort a long time ago and I don't even remember what it was - I think it was mostly my take on the challenge really - somehow this is the direction it took. I wish I could remember more about why I did it this way - or what the topic of the challenge was, but I don't. I was a little surprised myself at the way it turned out because it is so not like me.
    When I read this I felt so, so sad thinking that you may be writing about your feelings. How relieved I am that it was only a challenge! It is beautifully done Sara but I am so HAPPY that it's not about you! Thank you for putting it in the gallery again. We all need to be reminded that there really are individuals that do have these feelings and we should reach out to them.
    Sara, you've put such poignant words to the experience of loneliness and depression. I am glad that you don't feel that way now, and also glad that you have shared your expression of the dark enemy that we all battle. Sometimes we battle it for ourselves, sometimes for the benefit of others. I get a sense that it is that spectre that keeps kind spirits like you reaching out, trying to bring light to darkness. Thank you for remaining a sentinal of kindness, light, and goodness.
    Feb 25 2012 01:39 AM
    I'm so relieved that you don't feel that way. It nearly broke my heart just reading it.
    Sara, I've been there and this has brought tears to my eyes. The one who saved me was my late cat, Cissy. She came into my life at just the right moment with her unconditional love. This is a beautiful layout. Thank you for sharing.
    Sara I am so glad your not writing about you but the words in this are so true to a lot of people suffering mental illness and my prayer goes out to you all :)
    Oh my Sara... are these your words? This is so beautifully expressed and portrays the isolation and desperation felt by people with depression so perfectly... you obviously have experience in dealing with this dreaded disease either personally or with someone close to you... I applaud the fact that you shared this and I admire your courage in doing so, even if it was for a challenge as you say... it provides comfort to those of us here who have felt the very desolation you describe and gives understanding to those who deal with it in others. Simply put, being a friend is the best thing you can be to a depression sufferer. You are a true friend. I love the striking simplicity of this page.