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Thankful for our extended Family

Thankful for our extended Family

Another page for my thankful journal.

A photo taken of some of my family at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.


    LOVELY layout--the colors work so well with your photo. I think a "Thankful" journal is a great idea, too.
    My goodness, what a crowd! Love the colors & the way you've framed the photo.
    This is great. I wish we could get out family together for a photo.
    This is wonderful! The photo is so special,and the layout is just perfect for it. Love the colors you've used and the word art. Especially love your signature butterflies!
    I love family photos like this. I hope you wrote the names on the back. We have to just guess who everybody is on our photos. I love the way you scrapped this.
    I just noticed Belle's comment above: YES, please put names on the back. Your great-grandchildren will appreciate that some day. This is a beautiful photo of the several generations; I love all the smiles. I like the outdoorsy look of your background and patterns. Lovely WA, too.
    Wonderful photo and I love how you scrapped it. My mother always wrote names on the back of photos like that and I am so grateful.
    Pretty colors, I love the family stacked words and the small pieces of paper arranged under you photo!