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February Highlights

Heres my monthly summary page - keeping up :)

I used

ABL Bird Song for back ground and bird embellishment

ABL Featherd Friends bird embellishment

BMU Background blender II

AFT Year in Review word art

  Report Image

Photo Information


You have some lovely photos here. The blended swan photo is lovely and the photo with the dolls is very cute. Love the background color. Well done with keeping up.

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I really like the clusters of photos and how the birds are perched on your layout. Neat photo blending too. I want to come to the tea party.... I like playing with dolls.

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Wow, this is great! Your photos are wonderful and I like how you arranged them and treated each cluster differently. I also really like your pretty background and the birds perched on the pics!

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I LOVE the way you scrapped your month! I especially like the clusters of photos with just enough journaling to remember the occasions. Your photos are wonderful, and I like the little touches: the birds blended into the background, and the little bird embellishments. PS - that looked like a fun tea party!

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Wonderful photos - beautiful swans and the '68 museum displays sure brought back memories. (How did my past become fodder for museums???) Love the bird embellishments.

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