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A Year in the Life - April

My beautiful old friend, Meg, sadly no longer with us





© © Jan Ransley

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What a beautiful dog Meg was. Such a soulful expression on her face in the bottom photo. The one of her as a young pup is so adorable. Such a lovely layout in memory of her. I know that you must miss her terrible.

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What a very beautiful page, such a beautiful dog! I would love to hear your stories you all shared with her - they have a special place in our hearts forever!

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What precious dog photos... love the different expressions captured. Your choice of yellow goes so well with that black in her coat.

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What a beautiful girl Meg was. I know the pain of losing an old beloved dog many times over. I love the photo of Meg as a puppy alongside those of her in her golden years. I really like the yellow plaid paper, which goes so well with the darker colors of her puppy coat. Love the red in the floral cluster. Lovely and sentimental page.

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