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SG Challenge 2012

Still catching up 2011...I'm at the end of October...the end is in sight! Supplies in EXIF. Professional Photography by Love and Luck Photography


I know it lacks embellishments, but I didn't want to take away from the vibrancy (or focus) of the photos, so I elected to be minimalistic on this layout. Thanks for looking!


© Amy Sauke

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Hang in there - don't give up now. I like this - the blocks of color act like embellishments - it looks great.

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The photos are so beautiful anything else but the blocks of colour would detract. I love what you've done. Kay

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I think this is perfect too! The vibrant colors are just awesome and I love the blocks of color you've added to the fabulous photos! Wonderful layout!

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I had to stop by when I saw this layout's thumbnail on the forum home page--the vibrant colors in the photos and layout make it look like stained-glass. I really like the photo placements. So lovely!

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