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Project SG Challenge 2012, Week 8

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This week was all about pancakes, friendships, and a giant

ttooth! Our choir held its annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake

Supper which involved a big shopping trip to Costco. On

our way out, we encountered a person dressed in a tooth

costume. Great advertising gimmick! Our daughter helped

cook this year, and we raised over $400 for our building and

renovation fund. I can’t let a week go by without mentioning

our Dusty, though. One morning our neighbor’s old dog,

Kemo, ventured close enough for a greeting. He’s afraid of

Dusty and usually steers clear because Dusty is so energetic.

His poor old bones can’t take the roughhousing.







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I'm so impressed with your Project SG - keep up the good work. I like your pictures and especially the bright Mardi Gras slogan. Love that tooth, too.

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You've done a good job of capturing the weeks activities ... love the tooth. I also like the rounded edges to your photos. Nicely done.

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This is great, Becky! What a colorful page and photos - I like how you showed all the parts of your week and I enjoyed your journaling. Glad your event went well - that's a significant accomplishment to raise that amount of money. Lovely page! :)

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Great colors. I like the tooth, too. I love those costumes used for advertizing. One year in April, a tax prep company had a statue of liberty waving to the cars driving by. This is so simple, but it looks just great.

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Love the design, the glitter and thegreat photos, fun journalling and you must have sold a LOT of pancakes to make $400! Wow... let the good times roll indeed! Great page :-)

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